Signature Cosmetics: Miss Signature Launch and Tiktok Influencer Campaign

the what

Signature Cosmetics, a brand renowned for its innovative beauty products, approached us with a dual objective to elevate their brand presence.

They aimed to make a grand entry on TikTok and simultaneously promote their eagerly awaited annual limited edition Miss Signature product range. The challenge was to build their TikTok presence from scratch and utilize this platform to create buzz around the new collection.

The Miss Signature product launch is a highly anticipated event that attracts significant attention each year.

Recognizing the potential of TikTok’s vast and engaged user base, Signature Cosmetics wanted to leverage this platform to amplify their reach and engagement.

Our role was to devise a robust strategy that not only introduced them to TikTok but also ensured the Miss Signature range was showcased compellingly.

the how

We developed a visually appealing campaign identity across social media platforms for Signature Cosmetics, focusing on TikTok where they had no presence. Our strategy aimed to create a strong, recognizable brand that resonated with TikTok users while maintaining their established aesthetic.

For the limited edition Miss Signature range, we emphasized exclusivity and desirability through engaging content. Collaborating with micro-influencers, we ensured authentic, captivating content aligned with TikTok’s playful nature, resonating well with the platform’s audience.

Our team oversaw the entire process, from concept to execution, including influencer management. Using TikTok Spark Ads, we targeted specific demographics to maximize the campaign’s reach and effectiveness

The campaign included:

  • Campaign identity
  • Instagram social posts and stories
  • Web Banner
  • Tiktok profile setup
  • Influencer management
  • Tiktok Spark Advert Campaign 

the results

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