Rocomamas: New Burger Launch

the what

JAW Design collaborated with SA powerhouse Retroviral, to a new burger range for RocoMamas, a popular South African burger chain known for its bold flavors and innovative menu offerings. Together, we launched three new burgers in the market: The Donald, The Joker, and The HillBill, creatively named to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the US elections. Our objective was to increase awareness and generate buzz for these new menu items, leveraging current events to spark customer interest and drive foot traffic to RocoMamas locations.

RocoMamas is renowned for its edgy and interactive advertising campaigns that resonate with a youthful and trend-conscious audience. They are known for pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing by integrating digital and social media platforms to engage customers actively. This approach not only enhances brand visibility but also fosters a sense of community and excitement around their offerings, making them a leader in the competitive fast-casual dining sector.

the how

To amplify excitement around RocoMamas’ new burger launch, Retroviral devised a unique voting initiative. Patrons were invited to taste the new burgers aptly named The Donald, The Joker, and The HillBill. Patrons were asked to vote with their thumbs and cast their votes via social media using a designated hashtag.

This interactive approach not only encouraged customer participation but also leveraged the buzz surrounding the US elections to drive engagement. Complementing this, we developed a live counter website that displayed real-time voting results, heightening anticipation and fostering a sense of community involvement. This strategy ensured that Rocomamas new offerings received maximum exposure and sparked lively conversations both online and offline.

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I started JAW in 2010 as my main ‘before I’m 30’ goal. The vision was to create a design agency that wasn’t ‘cool.’ Where you don’t wear sunglasses indoors, hobnob with pretentious crowds or only take on CSI projects to win awards instead of actually making a difference! A place where slippers and a sense of humour are a must, happy hearts fill the space, and design is seen as a tool for change.

– Jeni-Anne Weitz, JAW herself.