Profmed: Through the line campaign

the what

A lifetime ago, our founder and Executive Creative Director, while still an Art Director at another agency, embarked on a journey with the Profmed account. It all began with a pitch that set the stage for what would become a four-year adventure of crafting and refining the brand’s creative direction. Her passion and dedication left an indelible mark on Profmed’s identity, establishing a foundation of trust and creativity.

Fast forward seven years, and in a testament to the lasting impact of her work, the same agency that once held the Profmed account reached out to JAW Design. They sought to reignite the creative spark and progress the brand’s visual and strategic narrative. With enthusiasm and a wealth of experience, we embraced the opportunity to collaborate once again, ready to take Profmed to new heights.

The Challenge: To breathe fresh life into the Profmed brand, evolving its look and feel while respecting and preserving the iconic logo and existing identity. Our mission was to create a seamless evolution, ensuring that the brand remained familiar yet innovative. Additionally, we were tasked with the exciting launch of the new Profmed Savvy cover products, introducing them to the market with a creative flair that would capture attention and drive engagement.

the how

JAW Design took on the challenge with a holistic approach, working meticulously on the creative direction, design, and execution of a wide array of collateral. Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • Forms: Redesigning all forms to enhance user experience and maintain brand consistency.
  • Digital PDFs: Creating interactive and visually appealing digital documents.
  • Internalisation Campaigns: Developing campaigns to align and engage Profmed’s internal teams with the new brand direction.
  • Product Videos: Producing captivating videos to showcase the Profmed Savvy cover products.
  • TVCs: Crafting television commercials that resonated with the audience and reinforced the brand’s message.
  • Radio Ads: Writing and producing compelling radio advertisements to broaden reach.
  • Street Pole Ads: Designing eye-catching street pole ads to increase brand visibility in key areas.
  • GDN Banners: Creating effective Google Display Network banners for widespread digital advertising.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Implementing dynamic social media campaigns to engage with a broader audience and drive product awareness.


Through this multi-faceted approach, we ensured that every touchpoint was thoughtfully crafted to elevate the Profmed brand and successfully launch the new Savvy cover products

Check out one of the many TVC stings produced

Where creativity
meets purpose

I started JAW in 2010 as my main ‘before I’m 30’ goal. The vision was to create a design agency that wasn’t ‘cool.’ Where you don’t wear sunglasses indoors, hobnob with pretentious crowds or only take on CSI projects to win awards instead of actually making a difference! A place where slippers and a sense of humour are a must, happy hearts fill the space, and design is seen as a tool for change.

– Jeni-Anne Weitz, JAW herself.