Nelson Mandela Centenary Celebration - Exclusive Event Branding

the what

Ocean Basket is an international seafood restaurant. We worked with the brand for ten years developing a deep understanding of their restaurant marketing needs; from digital & in-store campaigns, through to internalisations and training material.

Part of our scope included their summer & winter menu launches. These usually included a round of paid digital media, table talkers, A1 posters, radio adverts and a TVC! 

Our work for OB ranged from big campaigns with lots of rollout to more locality based content, helping the various franchisees with elements like overhead signage and flyers! 

the how

Photoshoots, conceptualisation, traditional and digital design were all part of our OB journey!

Our work with Ocean Basket spotlights our strategy formulation, attention to detail, strong client service and project management, agility and incredible turn-around time. From developing comprehensive global campaigns down to quick turn-around in-store promotional elements, our commitment to quality is evident and unwavering.

Exclusive event branding Sydney and Johannesburg
Event design collateral
exclusive event design collateral
Event collateral design Sydney and Johannesburg
Event collateral design Sydney and Johannesburg
Event collateral design Sydney and Johannesburg
Event collateral design Sydney and Johannesburg
Exclusive event branding Sydney
Event collateral design
Event collateral design
Exclusive event branding Sydney11
Exclusive event branding Sydney
Exclusive event branding Johannesburg7
Event and activation design
Event and activation design Sydney

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I started JAW in 2010 as my main ‘before I’m 30’ goal. The vision was to create a design agency that wasn’t ‘cool.’ Where you don’t wear sunglasses indoors, hobnob with pretentious crowds or only take on CSI projects to win awards instead of actually making a difference! A place where slippers and a sense of humour are a must, happy hearts fill the space, and design is seen as a tool for change.

– Jeni-Anne Weitz, JAW herself.