Informatec Switzerland - visual identity and collateral

the what

Informatec is a business intelligence (BI) specialist organisation, with a head office in Basel Switzerland, and additional hubs in Portugal and Germany. 

Informatec did a soft launch of the product suite in 2021 but fell short of getting much traction in the market. The initial observation was that the product was communicated very technically with very  little consumer understanding of what this solution truly offered. JAW needed to put together a marketing strategy and communication plan that included a far more understandable and educational tone, whilst understanding the global market we had been tasked to communicate to. 

We needed to dentify the most appropriate and high value way to reintroduce the solution, in order to maximise market traction. Our recommended approach was a phased one which required a lot of research and understanding of the market and interrogate the reasons for the initial lack of market traction, this would aid us in identifying the best business model and prime prospect for the re-launch.

the how

With the intricacy of this brand architecture, the best way to tackle this was to take on a partnership approach where we would work with the marketing lead to shape the strategic direction, together while gaining primary insight from interviews with the Informatec teams as well as engage in product demos. From these insights we began to map out the journey to market. Here the key strategic messaging was formed with key channels and assets required to bring this product to life. 

JAW supported Informatec with the  development of the full spectrum of brand collateral;  full brand manual, website refresh, digital campaigns, digital and printed collateral.

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