FNB Insure: Internal Activation Event

the what

FNB Insure enlisted JAW Design to orchestrate the internal launch of their new suite of products before unveiling them to the public. This strategic move included introducing car insurance, life insurance, and funeral cover to their employees first. Launching internally provided several benefits: it ensured that employees were well-informed and enthusiastic about the new products, which in turn created a solid base of brand ambassadors who could advocate for the offerings to external customers. It also allowed for valuable feedback and adjustments before the products reached the broader market, ensuring a smoother public launch.

JAW Design took the reins from concept to execution, meticulously crafting a comprehensive campaign. Our team developed engaging promotional materials, coordinated every detail of the rollout, and managed dynamic activations that brought the products to life for FNB Insure’s employees. The result was a well-orchestrated internal launch that set the stage for a successful public debut.

the how

Our approach centered on creating an engaging and memorable experiential event within their offices. Recognising the importance of drawing employees away from their busy schedules and desks, we designed an interactive experience that not only educated staff about the new products but also provided fun and exciting ways to engage with them. Our goal was to ensure that employees left the event feeling informed, enthusiastic, and ready to sign up for the new offerings.

We crafted three distinct areas tailored to showcase the unique benefits of the respective products.

  • Car Area: We set up a virtual race that allowed participants to get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of driving in a simulated environment. The interactive nature of the race made it a popular attraction, drawing employees in and providing a fun way to learn about the car insurance offerings.

  • Life Area: In this zone, we created an immersive experience where participants could put on VR headsets and be transported anywhere in the world, emphasizing the expansive coverage and peace of mind that life insurance offers. 

  • Funeral Area: This section conveyed the importance of preserving memories through funeral cover. We set up a 360-degree video experience that created personalised videos for participants. These videos were then sent directly to their phones, symbolising the lasting impact and comfort that funeral cover provides. 

Check out the project case study video here

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