FNB Insure: Conversations with life video series

the what

FNB Insure approached JAW Design to effectively communicate the benefits of their life insurance products through engaging and meaningful content for internal staff. The challenge was to foster a deep understanding of these products by showcasing real-life scenarios and the solutions provided by FNB Life.

The goal was to ensure staff members could confidently and knowledgeably discuss these offerings with customers, emphasizing their relevance and value in different life situations.

the how

We developed “Conversations with Life,” a compelling video series tailored to resonate with diverse needs and concerns addressed by FNB Life’s insurance solutions.

Each video featured authentic, testimonial-style conversations where strategic questions were posed to elicit genuine responses from participants. This approach not only highlighted the practical benefits of FNB Life’s products but also humanized the brand, making complex insurance concepts accessible and relatable.

By showcasing real stories and solutions, we empowered FNB Insure’s staff with the knowledge and empathy needed to effectively connect with customers on a personal level, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to customer-centric service and support.

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– Jeni-Anne Weitz, JAW herself.