Adcock Ingram Critical Care - Internal Marketing Campaign

the what

When the Managing Director of Adcock Ingram Critical Care reached out, they faced a unique challenge: fostering connection and unity among employees.

Adcock Ingram’s workforce often worked long hours in isolation, separated by shifts and departments, missing out on positive stories and successes. This disconnect highlighted the need for an HR initiative to uncover and communicate positive sentiments.

Our task was to bridge this communication gap, celebrate employee achievements, and enhance workplace culture. This case study explores how we addressed these challenges and the impact of our internalisation campaign on creating a stronger, more connected community within Adcock Ingram Critical Care.

the how

We launched a campaign spotlighting the stories of Adcock Ingram Critical Care employees, allowing staff at all levels to share experiences of long service, growth, kindness, and success.

The response was overwhelming, revealing the positive impact on employees’ families, education, and health. Communicated through posters, digital, and internal channels, the campaign significantly boosted positive sentiment.

It expanded to include stories shared with stakeholders, suppliers, and clients, fostering community and pride. The fun part? A massive IV drip bag installation on the company grounds, sparking conversations and becoming a memorable symbol.

Summary of the work done

  • Strategy Development annd campaign conceptualisation
  • Photoshoot to capture authentic employee moments.
  • Story Collection whereby employees submit and share their stories.
  • Content Creation by writing and editing stories that highlight service, improvement and success.
  • Digital Communications through email newsletters and intranet content.
  • Internal Communications through posters and printed materials within the workplace.
  • Stakeholder Engagement by including stories shared by external partners.
  • Installation Art by designing and installing a large IV drip bag. 
  • Measurement and analysis of the campaign’s impact on employee sentiment.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management by updating the story repository and engaging employees

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