Bidvest Bank: Virtual Production Event

the what Bidvest Bank faced the urgent challenge of communicating a critical and imperative message to their staff nationwide, spread across multiple locations. With no time for a roadshow and the importance of the message, it was vital that the CEO deliver it personally. Having worked with us in the past and knowing they could […]

Where creativity
meets purpose

I started JAW in 2010 as my main ‘before I’m 30’ goal. The vision was to create a design agency that wasn’t ‘cool.’ Where you don’t wear sunglasses indoors, hobnob with pretentious crowds or only take on CSI projects to win awards instead of actually making a difference! A place where slippers and a sense of humour are a must, happy hearts fill the space, and design is seen as a tool for change.

– Jeni-Anne Weitz, JAW herself.