Profmed: Through the line campaign

the what A lifetime ago, our founder and Executive Creative Director, while still an Art Director at another agency, embarked on a journey with the Profmed account. It all began with a pitch that set the stage for what would become a four-year adventure of crafting and refining the brand’s creative direction. Her passion and […]

Adcock Ingram Critical Care: Internal Marketing Campaign

Adcock Ingram Critical Care – Internal Marketing Campaign the what When the Managing Director of Adcock Ingram Critical Care reached out, they faced a unique challenge: fostering connection and unity among employees. Adcock Ingram’s workforce often worked long hours in isolation, separated by shifts and departments, missing out on positive stories and successes. This disconnect […]

Medihelp: Brand Positioning and Rebrand

Medihelp Brand Positioning and Rebrand the what We were awarded the tender to become Medihelp’s agency in 2019.  Medihelp is one of South Africa’s only self-administered medical aid schemes in SA, their main purpose is to care for their members and meet the needs of the demanding healthcare industry.  With previous FSP exposure in the […]

ICAS: Corporate Wellness rebrand

ICAS International – rebrand the what ICAS is a leading global provider of wellness services that take care of the physical and mental health of their employees. We have been working with ICAS for over 7 years, allowing us to go on an exciting journey with them both locally and internationally! What prides us most […]

Where creativity
meets purpose

I started JAW in 2010 as my main ‘before I’m 30’ goal. The vision was to create a design agency that wasn’t ‘cool.’ Where you don’t wear sunglasses indoors, hobnob with pretentious crowds or only take on CSI projects to win awards instead of actually making a difference! A place where slippers and a sense of humour are a must, happy hearts fill the space, and design is seen as a tool for change.

– Jeni-Anne Weitz, JAW herself.